Help with writing a list for new owners please

For anything to do with rat care that doesn't fit into any of the sections above!
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Re: Help with writing a list for new owners please

Post by Jemma » Sun May 01, 2011 3:19 pm

Am i the only one who thinks that Igloo’s and other enclosed sleeping places should be on a list of Not to have for youngsters lol. I suspect i am just mean, mine don’t even get a complete sputnik for the first few months here, they get one with the lid off, like a big plastic hammock. Oh and they don’t get any tubes or tube style hammocks, i am a monster lol. Even my adults are lucky if they get them, and then generally only in winter when it’s cold.

Hmm my essential start out list would be as follows;
• Primary Cage – must be big enough for 4 as minimum, then i would link to the cage calculator as a guide (not law). Must have narrow bar spacing or the back up cage becomes an essential.
• Suitable substrate – might list a few good cheap options here and what to avoid
• Bedding – such as shredded paper, fleece etc
• 2 water bottles – would suggest 150-200ml ones for a pair of rats
• Hammocks – enough for 3 clean outs
• Other beds – e.g. plant pots, sputniks, open baskets, i would add a note here to only use open beds for the first few months, enough to offer a sleeping place per rat (including hammocks) plus one spare
• Small food bowl/ramekin – for wet feed
• Dried food, High protein food and Veg – would expect them to get some of this (less fresh veg) in there kitten pack,
• Vet already ID’d in the area
• Basic first aid – scissors, antibacterial treatment (germolene/ dermogel/ savlon / antibac powder, something like that), plaster tape or at a pinch ducktape, flour, children’s ibuprofene suspension, pot of baby food, nutrical/nurisums. Erm thats probably the basics on that are easy to get hold of
• Carrier – such as a small paw print etc, ideally bigger such as a good cat carrier
Opportunities to do the following
• climb (free cage bars)
• jump (ledges, good gaps between levels)
• balance (ropes, sticks etc)
• run (floor space, wheel – would stress the wheel thing too)

For desired stuff I would add
• Secondary Cage – small bar spacing, for intro’s, travel, hospital and emergencys.
• Large carrier per group of rats – for overnight stop overs, longer travel and as a back up / emergency cage.
• Water bowl / bowls
• Spare water bottle
• Heavy food bowl, in case you need to not scatter feed
• Scuttling Gormet
• Healthy treats
• Vet savy vet in the area already ID’d
• Better first aid kit – add in things like baytril, fortekor, frusomide, ipaktine, NFRS rat health care handbook, dermogel, antibac powder, means of stopping over cut finger nails bleeding, cohesive bandage, wound dressing, UHT coconut cream, probably some more that i can’t think of right now
• Back up ramps and such for old rats

There's probably more lol but i am waffeled out for now
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Re: Help with writing a list for new owners please

Post by RCTlisa » Sun May 01, 2011 4:27 pm

I've changed the lists slightly. I do mention not to included closed houses until they are much older and they have a list of suitable items to feed kitten on another page.

For the Essentials I have:
1. Cage - minimum of a Critter 2 or Freddy 2
2. Water Bottle - suggested 2 for water and 1 for supplements
3. Food Bowls - unless they wish to scatter feed, then they won't require them apart from any "wet" foods
4. substrate/bedding - I have listed some examples
5. Diet (I have linked to some articles on diets)
6. Suitable Ground Housing - such as an Igloo, sputnik, circus, cardboard boxes etc
7. Suitable Hanging Housing - such as sputniks, old t-shirts/jeans, hammocks etc
8. Suitable carrier
9. Toys - I have listed some examples of pet shop bought items and some suggestions for pound shops, Wilkinsons, Ikea etc
10.  A vet & vet fund

Wish List
1. Spare cage - something along the lines of a Critter 1 which can be used for intro or sick rats
2. Common Diseases book
3. The Scuttling Gourment
4  Dr. Squiggles
5 First Aid Kit - Anitbac Powder, hibiscrub, Purple Spray, Nutrical
6 Treats - listed some examples of store bought items and things they can make/do.
7 Litter tray - if they wish to continue using or wish to start - mine are litter trained

I don't include details of vets as most people aren't local so aren't going to be willing to travel hours to get to my vets. If they can't find one, I tend to ask on a forum and see if there is anyone who can help.
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Re: Help with writing a list for new owners please

Post by princesslea » Sun May 01, 2011 5:59 pm

indigoj wrote:I would add a 'Rats On A Budget' section, with pics of all the fab things available to use or modify from places like pound shops and Wilkinsons, that way potential new owners are not overwhelmed by cost and may be more willing to spend the cash on the real essentials - a big cage and (I forgot to add this earlier!) a vet fund.
This is a great idea, is there not a sticky on here for this I'm always looking for new ideas
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