Avoiding 'favourites'

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Re: Avoiding 'favourites'

Post by Blossomgirl » Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:15 pm

I loved all my ratties equally until Friemel arrived. She crept into my heart within just a couple of days, and becamse my heart rat. I miss her terribly. :( That doesn't make me love any of the other ratties any less, and it definitely doesn't mean they get more attention. But Friemel stole my heart. :hearts:
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Re: Avoiding 'favourites'

Post by NickyE » Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:19 pm

babytarragon wrote:I just had a breakthrough with Kanda- I let him eat yoghurt off my fingers and half an hour later he fell asleep on my elbow. Now I know his weakness I will have to exploit it! I'm going to try baby food as it's low in fat, salt, sugar etc.

I don't think I'll ever succumb to GMR. Two rats is plenty!!
HAHAHAHAH....no I'm sure you're right :wink: I started with 2 and now have 11...I even remember saying my upper limit was 5 about 6years ago, but as there was no reason for that it doesn't count :wink:

I like cam's "soft spot" cos I think that's what I have with.....well, all of them! Everyone seems to occupy a different soft spot in my heart :hearts: and touch different parts emotionally or different emotions
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Re: Avoiding 'favourites'

Post by Ratty_Rhian » Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:43 pm

I'm not sure I've had a favourite as I've loved all my ratties for different reasons.
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Re: Avoiding 'favourites'

Post by izimcflizz » Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:40 pm

With having 10 rats I have 4 that aren't happy being handled but will put up with it. When I have time and if one of them is awake I pick them up and wander round doing chores with them on my shoulder just ignoring them, this seems to make them much happier than me insiting on a hug each free range time. There's also those who demand my attention all the time and even though cuddles are wonderful I do have to make an effort to peel myself away and do something/ cuddle someone else.
I have my closest friends who I can cuddle and kiss and trust round the house, but my current favourite is Emma who looks scandalised when I touch her and would rather just sit on me ignored for time of her choosing, this is because she has welcomed the babies Sparrow and Queenie and the newest (very very nervous) arrival Nova, litter trained them, taught them manners and protected them from Merlin and Gandalf. Last week it was old man Russell who blissed out, rolled onto his back on my lap for me to rub his belly whilst wagging his tail. :D Thats how I avoid it, if I can't remember the last time I had a rat on their own with me or when they did something I lovved them more for I spend time with them in whatever way they prefer
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