Changing rat's name?

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Re: Changing rat's name?

Post by ancient-crone » Thu Jul 28, 2011 6:29 pm

I have never had an older rat, but I really dont think that changing a name would be a problem, mine are rarely called by their names, and probably never get called the same name twice!
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Re: Changing rat's name?

Post by Mcfluff » Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:53 pm

Until recently, rats who have come to live with me have either been youngsters with no names yet, or adult rats whose previous names were not known to the rescue, so I've had to name them anyway. My newest arrival, a neutered boy, came to me as an adult from a local breeder. He was already named Mr Croup, after a character in a book. As I was getting to know this lad, I started calling him Fred because it seemed to suit him, and it's sort of stuck, so if anyone asks, I say his name is Mr Fred Croup!
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Re: Changing rat's name?

Post by Elmo » Sun Jul 31, 2011 11:04 am

The only rats that have come to me complete with names were Roly, Miles, Charlie & Felix. Of those, Miles name was orig. 'Mel', which i hated with a passion. Miles was suggested by mum, & it stuck :) The others just suited their names, & knew their names, so they stuck. Then there was a pair, roughly a yr old, handed into the local petshop, complete with cage, which i got for nowt, who were nameless, so they became Phill (Jupitus) & Bill (Bailey), & learnt their names in no time at all :)

All the others have been babies when i got them, so they were all named by me :)
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Re: Changing rat's name?

Post by myzoo » Sun Jul 31, 2011 11:27 am

:wink: i usually keep their names (if i can remember them) but when i took 5 boys on i kept getting them mixed up and when i called their names they all came running anyway so i just changed them around a bit so i could remember who was who.
the only one i changed was the ratsit rat who had babies that passed i changed her name cant remember what she was originally but changed it to sunshine to give her a fresh start.
and all the hammies ive rescued ive kept there names too.

i think it would be ok to change names if the animal wasnt responding/didnt reconise their name or if it was somthing nasty or rude then i would change it.
i wouldnt change it if the animal knew its name and responded to it of if it had been named with a nice name be sombody who loved it. :love:

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Re: Changing rat's name?

Post by hardcorejillz » Mon Aug 01, 2011 2:11 pm

All except 2 of my rats came to me as babies so I got to name them myself. The 2 that already had names when I got them were Timothy & Roland. I really didnt like the name Roland plus it didnt suit him so I thought I would change him to Rodney & the other one was gonna be Del-Boy. However after finding out that Timothy was a little bit 'special' I decided just to shorten his name to Timmy- named after Timmy the little special needs boy from Southpark lol!

Ive always been told that its bad luck to change an animals name though & if I was buying a new dog or horse etc that was already named, I would stick with the original name as it would probably confuse them to change it. I think most rats (though not all) just respond to their owners tone of voice rather than actual names so this is how I justify changing their names morethan other types of pet.
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