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Post by Kaleidoscope » Wed Oct 26, 2005 4:46 pm

i wasnt slating your opinion at all - dont get me wrong, a lot of people on here do (they take me far too seriously)

i understand that its something you see in tesco but its one of those tricks to make people buy things. its the same deal with impulse products and 3 for 2's etc.

but if you look at it from the other way it is beneficial to the animal.

my PAH has girls for about 2 days and then theres none for a week (dont worry im not looking to buy) always has one lone boy though.

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Post by Rafflesmoose » Wed Oct 26, 2005 5:09 pm

Well! Glad to see my post has been so.....er.....popular :-?

Lol, but thanks for all the opinions, even if they weren't all, exactly on topic! :wink:

I feel bad for starting this post now, it seems to have caused nothing but arguments :roll:

Oh well! Lol, thanks again for the help :D ,

Vicky x
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Post by furryfeet » Wed Oct 26, 2005 6:02 pm

kieran wrote:The rats were 2 for £10 and hamsters 2 for £15.

I think this really irresponsible.

For the rats I suppose it is sort of a good thing, at least they are less likely to spend their lives alone. For the hamsters, if they were Syrian hamsters, it is horrendous, as when they reach maturity at least 90% of the time one will kill the other.
:evil: :cry:
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Post by Solar » Wed Oct 26, 2005 8:33 pm

anya1973 wrote:Bite a child back! Eeek!

Helen :o

lol. that's how my mum got my brother to stop biting everyone when he was very small, he got a taste of his pwn medicine, wasn't hard though but enough to make him thinl about others.

For the rats I suppose it is sort of a good thing, at least they are less likely to spend their lives alone. For the hamsters, if they were Syrian hamsters, it is horrendous, as when they reach maturity at least 90% of the time one will kill the other.

Not syrians, only russian, robos and chinese. hamsters.
I see it as a good thing, when they want to get a rat and you say two is better then see the offer usually they'll take the two.
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Post by kieran » Wed Oct 26, 2005 9:27 pm

It was only on Roborovski hamsters they had the offer.

I thought that too. My vet had told me that hamsters could only be housed on their own.

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Post by saraandherark » Wed Oct 26, 2005 10:24 pm

Hi all

When i bought my petshop girls from Pet-Paks in Cambridgeshire, the staff seemed quite knowledgeable and friendly.

Later on my girls developed resp problems and i asked to speak with the breeders but the petshop said they refused to speak to the public. very odd lol. My girls were both really friendly, loved been cuddled etc.

I went back in a few months later and asked where the blue rats were (as they always had them in along with rexes and dumbos) they said the breeder had stopped breeding due to resp problems.

I looked into the tank and there was atleast 10 does in a tiny tank with bad ventilation, i complained and they said i could have two off them for free, it wasn't my intention to take 2 home with me or to be given them for free but i felt that was the best i could do to help the rats at the time. Both girls are extremely timid, they wont let me handle them but i'm bonding with them slowly. Just today Jet was free ranging and jumped on my lap for a stroke :)

I'm not sure whether this had anything to do with customers complaining about resp problems or whether the breeder really had stopped supplying due to resp problems.

Anyways i just thought i'd mention it :)

Sara xxx

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Post by neep_neep » Thu Oct 27, 2005 2:41 pm

The whole point of the 2 for £10 on the animals is to encourage people to buy social animals together.

The offer is NOT on syrian hamsters, it's basic knowledge that they must be kept singly. However, the dwarf hamsters (chinese, robos etc.) are more social. As of course are gerbils and rats.

I think it's a great idea - even though it does sound like a nasty deal at a supermarket (which, effectively, I guess it is) but you would not believe the number of people who only want to buy one rat/gerbil/dwarf hamster because they do not want to pay an extra £6.49/£7.49/£9.99 for a second - despite how much you explain that it's in the animal's best interest. Grrr. :evil:

If you convince people they are getting a deal by purchasing 2 animals (i.e. saving a bit of money) it then means the customer is happy, and the animal is going to be a hell of a lot happier with a friend.

can customers really ask to see your quarantine room etc? i never realised i could else i would do!

No, customers are not allowed into quarantine rooms (at PAH anyway...) Simply because customers could be carrying any number of diseases on them - if their own pets are infected and they transmit the infection into our quarantine, it could make all our animals ill :(
RSPCA inspectors, officials from the council etc. are allowed in, of course, because it's their job and take the necessary precautions (hopefully!) to ensure nothing is transmitted. Well, that's the idea anyway :roll:

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Post by LisaLQ » Thu Oct 27, 2005 5:35 pm

So how would a regular customer even know if they had a quarantine? Our market pet stand dont have a quarantine that I know of, and neither did the old pet shop (before they were closed down). Are all pet shops supposed to have one? And if so, how come it's obviously rarely enforced?

I still wish they'd ban the sale of animals in pet shops. I'm sick of seeing tiny rats (and other animals) in plastic tanks on display, on sawdust, mixed sexes, etc etc. Pet shops dont want advice, they nod, smile, and it goes out of the other ear. I dont know how many times our pet stand have had advice about mixed sexes, age to be away from their mum etc, and yet every time they've got rats in - it's mixed sexes, on sawdust, and way too small to be the age they're supposed to be. I mean, they know we have rats, and we buy cardboard bedding, and told them why - and yet they still use the same old shavings. :-?

I'm a complete cynic - I think that the majority of pet shops are thinking about what's lining their wallet, rather than the animals. They dont care if they're mixed sexes, it means more baby rats for them to sell.

Grrrr can you tell I hate all pet shops? Well, all pet shops who sell animals at least.

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Post by uk1lesley » Fri Oct 28, 2005 9:15 am

dont panic furryfeet, the 2 for £10 doesnt include syrians, and we ( my branch at least ) will not sell two syrians together. The two only applies to Gpigs,russian dwarf, Roborosky dwarf,chinese Dwarf, Gerbils and rats.
Not sure if every pet shop has a quaranteen room, but i think all Pets At home have them. Take Rabbits for instance, they come in on a Thursday, but we do not put them out for sale till Tuesday. Gpigs are the same. The smaller animals are given 24 hours, at least before they are available.
I tottally agree that pet shops sell animals purely for profit, but actually P@H dont make any money from the sale of an animal. Its all the extras, food, bedding, cages, toys, etc, that makes the money. Doesnt make it any easier to swallow, animals should not be sold in pet shops. But it goes some of the way to explain why the nastier kinds of pet shops dont give a stuff about how they house and treat the animals. Animals draw the customer into the shop.

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