Sarah's Sleepies *closed*

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Sarah's Sleepies *closed*

Post by Rhi01 » Thu May 07, 2009 12:01 pm

Home of the 'Rackie'

ETA 07/03/11
warheart wrote:Due to circumstances beyond my control, Sarah's Sleepies (and indeed the Rackie hammocks) ceased all operations last year. I couldn't access the order archive or the contact information for my customers that had placed orders immediately before and during the time problems occurred. Hence such incidents as customers not seeing their orders, or having any contact from me whatsoever. I contacted my customers as soon as I possibly could and provided everyone with the genuine reason that this had happened.

All of my customers have now been offered a refund in full, or for their order to be fulfilled. Everybody* decided that they would still like their Rackie hammocks, and these were promptly sent out with a written apology and some additional hammocks, free of charge.

(*I am waiting for one of my customers to get back to me).

I would just like to say thank you to my customers for being supportive and understanding of my circumstances - it's much appreciated!

Sarah's Sleepies won't be opening for public business again in the near future, but once things settle down a little bit more, I will have pre-made Rackie hammocks that will be for sale from time to time.
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Re: Sarah's Sleepies

Post by Rose's Mischief » Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:30 am

The 'rackie' is great for people who find they need to change hammocks very regularly, as you can purchase a spare cover, so the 'rackie' can be a permanent cage fixture.
My rats adore it, and it's very supportive, at the same time as being very soft and snuggly. I've found it quick and non-fiddly to attach to a variety of cage bars.

I have also had custom made items from Sarah, and they are of a very high standard, and haven't worn at all. Also prices are very reasonable.
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