Recipe : Ringos Rice Pudding.

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Recipe : Ringos Rice Pudding.

Post by ScattieMcRattie » Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:37 pm

ok so i was messing about in the kitchen a while ago when i was careing for my ailing old Ringo (RIP) and needed soft foods to fatten him up, that had a very high carb content but lower in sugar and protein. hence he had quite a lot of cooked rice, chucked in with everything which got boring after a while :-? so staring in my cupboard and finding a small carton of soya cream i came upon the idea of making a " Ratty Rice Pudding" it was easy as pie as i bodged it together as i dont actually know how to make a human rice pudding unless you count taking the top off a tin of Ambrosia... anyways this is what i made and i have to say it was extremely popular with all my ratties at the time...and i was also rat sitting and they all gave it the seal of approval the dishes were licked so clean they almost took the glaze off

My camera is broken so i cant give you many good pictures i have a few from my phone and perhaps they will suffice, anyways less waffle more tutorial....

you will need;
Long Grain Rice
and about 20 minuits of your time.

Depending on the circumstances will depend on how much rice you need.
i used the measurement of one table spoon of rice per rat and it worked out perfectly for my lot and the guests

step 1) half cook the rice in the normal manner ie boil/simmer in a stage where its almost cooked but still a bit hard in the centre.

Step 2) once done drain completely and return to the saucepan (or microwave bowl) and pour on just enough soya cream to completely cover the rice, and a little bit extra for luck lol

Step 3) Simmer Slowly on a low heat until the rice is fully cooked, do not allow the cream to boil, and stir frequently or it will stick to the pan.

Step 4) allow to cool to a suitable tempreture and then serve, sit back and watch the mayhem

You can add a dash of natural honey, if you like, perhaps some chopped dried/fresh fruit/nuts. once you have the rice pudding base its easy to customise to make it your own. Ringo loved His with banana and sometimes flaked almonds :D

Below are some pictures of the rice pudding as i made it then, to feed 12. the white half is the rice pudding as described above...the brown half is some mashed banana with a dash of left over soya cream and the stripe down the middle is a sprinkling of crushed rich tea biscuit.



and heres a little video,..if it works of Ringo enjoying his Pudding scooping it up with his hands and getting in a right mess
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