Recipe; Chesters Chocco Crispy Christmas Balls

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Recipe; Chesters Chocco Crispy Christmas Balls

Post by ScattieMcRattie » Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:31 am

well if you've ever made Rice crispy cakes you can make these.its just about as easy as it gets and you dont have to worry about licking the bowl. You may have noticed any tutorial posted by far starts with its really really easy lol. i like easy. :) basically this is a recipe for Ratty Rice Crispy cakes or Chesters Chocco Crispy Chrismas Balls as i call em as i roll em into little balls like christmas bauballs, and you can hang them on strings llike christmas decorations to make them work for it or just give them one as is and watch the frenzy. Considering the choco and dried fruit content i would put this down as a very occasional treat ie christmas treats or birthday party treats you can make them into little bauballs or make a big crispy cake for lots of ratties to share

and what makes them Chesters...Well Ringo has his own recipe So Chester gets to have one i have to find a Tutorial for Lilly, Guber and Moe lol


You will need;
Rice Crispies
Lots of Dog choc.

optional...chopped dried fruit/pumpkin seeds/nuts etc

first things first put a baking tray/sheet or plate or whatever you want to but the chocco balls on to set in either the fridge or freezer too cool. it makes it easier to settle the balls once you come to shaping them as they will set, the choc will harden back up on the cold tray quicker.

Step 1) melt the dog choclate the same way as you would normal chocolate, in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water can use the microwave i guess but when i did it this way it didnt turn out to well i burnt the choclate :o . stir it frequently as dog choclate doesnt melt as easily as normal choclate and i did add a tiny dash of left over soya cream to try and get a smoother consistency while it melted but thats an option an

Step 2) Once the Chocolate is melted....if your adding chopped dried fruit nuts or anything, chop it into small pieces and add it to the melted choclate at this stage and stir in well while its stil over the low heat...

Step 3) you need to work quickly and gently now as if you leave the crispys in the choclate too long of stir too hard they will break go soft and you wont have crispy balls so much as choclate smoosh. ok ready. turn the heat off the choclate, but with it still over the pan..that way it cools slower. pour in the Rice Crispies stiring them gently but quickly in so as they are totally and evenly covered until you think you have the right mix of crispies and choclate and they hold a shape if you push them into a heap.

Step 4) if your makeing balls use two cold spoons to quickly roll suitable sized amounts of the mixture into balls shapes an let them set on the cold tray retrieved now from the fridge or freezer. once all the mixture is rolled into balls and on the tray bung them in the fridge to set for about half hour and hour depending on how patient you are to see the results of your endeavours lol. if your not worried about what shape they are just quickly dump individual sized neat heaps on the cold tray to set of make a big cake for sharing

i sadly dont have any pictures of the actual ones i made previously as my camera is broke and i'm just posting this tutorial before i forget but we all know what rice crispy balls look like anyway but i found this courtesy of google just in case lol.

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