My Sons Rats Smell

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Re: My Sons Rats Smell

Post by flukeangel » Sat Nov 07, 2009 5:03 pm


I've just been reading all the posts on this thread.
I have 6 ratties in my living room in a Duetto cage. One neutered male and 5 females.
I use old bath towels on the cage floor which I change twice weekly.
The 3 litter trays are just shredded paper, which are changed daily.
The hammocks and soft furnishings are washed weekly.
The whole cage is washed weekly with washing up liquid and Tap-a-drop.
I can honestly say I do not have any problem with smells.
I feed my lot of P&H rat nuggets and human food. Basically they get a dish of what I am
having for tea.
I never feed milk or cheese.
They have fresh raw veg daily and fruit 2-3 times per week.
Never seen a loose stool.
My buck doesn't scent mark as he is neutered.

I also have 18 mice in my bedroom and they did stink to high heaven!
But I have 4 females and 14 males.
I think the problem was that the males scent mark because of the females that are living close by.
The more I washed their cages the more they scent marked it.
So I cut down on the scrupulous washing of their cages, and only tipped away partial shredded paper and low and behold the smell got better.
Kind regards
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Re: My Sons Rats Smell

Post by LittleL » Thu Nov 12, 2009 2:09 pm

Right a big big big massive thank you to everyone especially to Yoshimi for getting to the root of my problem. I am now an offically rat free stinky house.. woop woop, im over the moon... Aubiose all the way for me.. although very messy in the explorer, and getting kicked out, (this is soon to be changed with plastic on the sides anyway), i have no more smells, and it's been 4 days since i did ANY cleaning.. Tap o Drop has got to be another definate, all i can smell when i come into the house is baby talculm powder.. and guess what OH even wants to have them in the lounge now.. So again a massive thank you to everyone for your input.. :D :D :D

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Re: My Sons Rats Smell

Post by yoshimi » Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:07 am

Yay, I'm so glad that you got to the bottom of the problem, and can enjoy having your ratties again. What a relief it must be for you!
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Re: My Sons Rats Smell

Post by Mooky » Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:06 am

Hi I just wated to say a Big

Thank you ... ge0003.jpg

this is a piccy of The Boy's in their cage :D Zach is the Himalayan and Joe is the Hooded. The cage isn't great atm, i had to bin a few toys, including a big hanging shelf, because of the smell.

The smell has gone compleately, the otherday i put my head right down top the cage bars sniffing and I wouldn't have known there where any rats in the cage, if they hadn't have been tickling me with their wiskers :D
My son is wiping down the shelves etc every morning & i got him a scoop for the stray poops. I have moved over to a musli, cant recall the name atm, and i biinned the packed after putting it in their tub :S but i have added cereal and some dog biscuts to it, they seem to like it a lot. I am giving them a chunk of veg every day, an a bit of fruit a few times a week. We are using Megazorb for the litter tray, and Aubiose as the main substrate. its working really well, ill get some Tap-o-drop soon, things are a bit tight atm what with xmas around the corner, same reason i havent replaced all the shelves etc yet. :(

I have been experamenting with Piraton, and it really helps. Strange i hadn't ever thought of it before, i have lots in the house, my son has hayfever.
I had a lovely 30mins with joe at the weekend, he was layed in my arms having his ears rubbed, and the side of his face stroked :D he almost fell asleep in my arms. Mind you, he wants to come out and have the same all the time now :)

Thank you all again for all the wonderful advice :D its really helped


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