GMR.... What about GMC??

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GMR.... What about GMC??

Post by babytarragon » Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:09 pm

We all know about and most of us probably have GMR, but who else has GMC- get more cages??

I have Furet Plus which is fab and perfect for my two boys, but I can't stop looking at bigger cages I don't need! It can't just be me? :D
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Re: GMR.... What about GMC??

Post by stormsmuggler » Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:45 pm

There are probably several camps that most members fit into :lol: ........
the been there done that camp
the saving up camp
the up- grading but still want bigger/better camp
and the just dreaming/living in hope camp.

I fit into the been there done that group as i started with a critter 2 moved up to a furet plus then a Samo 82 followed by Samo 102, explorer, SRS and double explorer :D which is my all time favourite. I still have the SRS in use and occasionally the Furet plus and spare ruffy cages x 2 in rescue situations or if any rats need hospital cages etc.
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Re: GMR.... What about GMC??

Post by Razcox » Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:59 pm

Yep i suffer from this and i dont even have my girls yet (two weeks and counting!) they have a good sized cage to go into but i keep seeing even bigger cages at decent prices online and then i get cage envy! I drea to think what i am going to be like when they are here and full grown, my guess would be that they wont be in the tom 62 for long!
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Re: GMR.... What about GMC??

Post by Amzy » Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:01 pm

I am currently in a 'pick a cage.. Any cage you like' phase. In the house I currently reside in there is 1 SRS, 1 single explorer, 1 double explorer, 2 furet plus, 2 freddy cages, 3 ruffys, 1 Mary, 3 tanks, 2 critters and 2 hammy cages ;)

Doesn't help that I live with someone as rat mad as me :wink: :lol:.... It also doesn't help that I am obsessed with picking up a cage bargain :oops:
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Re: GMR.... What about GMC??

Post by Jillybean » Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:33 pm

Haha !...I suffer from this terribly ! I have had so many cages over the years, I can`t count them all. I have used them all though and I usually pass them on to Rescue. I love the cage I have which is old now ( Abode) and I loved my spare Furet Plus ( which got chewed by Alice) and I like my Critter Two ( spare) and Critter one ( hospital) . I also have the smaller version of the Ferret high rise mammal which I like and keep as a spare.

I had a big clear out not long ago and all my hutches, spare piggy cages, gerbilariums, hamster and mouse cages all went to rescues....I was running out of space to store them all. :oops:

I do still look at cages all the time and think..Oh I`d love that but I manage to control myself ! :rollred: .....Usually !
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Re: GMR.... What about GMC??

Post by cookielucylou » Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:25 pm

There definitely is such a thing. My mum sent over all the spare cages I had left over there, and let's just say I have a lot :oops:
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Re: GMR.... What about GMC??

Post by worthysmum » Fri Jul 29, 2011 9:23 pm

I currently have, two explorers, one duetto, one abode, one critter three, two marys, one freddy, one chi chi, one furret plus, three jennys, and a few nameless spares and I still check ebay out and preloved looking for a cage bargain :lol:
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Re: GMR.... What about GMC??

Post by hoobear » Sat Jul 30, 2011 5:09 am

I don't have my rats but have already succumbed to this! Kept upgrading their cage and have now ordered an SRS, the spoilt things :oops:

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Re: GMR.... What about GMC??

Post by indigoj » Sat Jul 30, 2011 6:23 am

I have 'GME' - Get more explorers. I have 2 which is perfectly sufficient for my girls but still seriously consider buying more... Wondering what 2 3tier explorers would be like for them....
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Re: GMR.... What about GMC??

Post by Werepuppy » Sat Jul 30, 2011 8:27 am

I know exactly what you mean, my rats are perfectly happy in their Luna 400 (7 rats max) but I do occasionally peek for any cheap cages going on preloved. I think I saw an Explorer going for £100 recently and was a bit miffed because a) I didn't have the money and b) I was pining for an Explorer before I got the Luna 400. >_>;
I suppose the only thing I wouldn't like with the explorers would be the small tray space; I like to have a nice deep tray to stop the substrate being kicked out.

I started out with the furet plus, then I invested in the furet xl which is a lovely cage but I found the square shape a bit difficult to hang hammocks and wasn't making the most of the space available. So then I sold that and got the Aurora 450 which is albeit a bit smaller in space I found it easier to utilize the space to its potential. Of course the downside was the thin tray and substrate was spilling out onto the floor every single day. I ended up selling that after a a few months and bought the Luna 400. The main disadvantage is that the bars seem to buckle easily and I may have damaged it in getting it up the stairs to the rat room.. :oops: but it's a lovely cage and I'm perfectly happy to stick with it as my main cage.

I still have the furet plus which I'm holding onto as a backup cage as it flat-packs very neatly and easy to build. I also have a 2-rat hamster cage that my mum bought initially as a holiday cage so i could visit and bring the rats along. It's now used as an introduction cage, and great for baby rats too because of the narrow bar space. I also use my cabrio cat carrier as a hospital cage or to put them somewhere whilst I'm cleaning their cage out.
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Re: GMR.... What about GMC??

Post by Jemma » Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:23 am

I currently have a critter 2 (which I hate but is annoyingly useful for holidays), an abode (main holiday cage), a ferplast cerceti 15 (birthing, hospital, intros) and my srs which I occassionally split into 2 cages. That doesn't sound bad until you realise I have only got 4 rats lol, technically they have a cage each. I must say I'm also often a little sad that I already have the best cage I can find, I really love cage shopping, but alas I don't have space or enough rats for more lol.
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Re: GMR.... What about GMC??

Post by acapae_wolf » Sat Jul 30, 2011 11:05 am

Jemma wrote:That doesn't sound bad until you realise I have only got 4 rats lol, technically they have a cage each.
It might not be helping you, but you're making me feel an awful lot better :P

For 'properly used' cages I have:
Long Chinchilla (no longer made) which is my main cage in London.
Ferplast Duetto (:D :D :D) which will be my main cage in Thirsk when I move house soon.
Ferplast Mini Brio which will be my main spare cage after moving. Last year it was their cage during uni term time.
Critter 2 - Intros/ hospital cage, and holiday cage for a group smaller than I have now..
Small FOP cage - intros cage/ confined hospital cage/ carrier/ used as temp. housing for other animals.
Savic Hamster Heaven - Anfreda lives there for now.

I also have:
Marchioro Tom62 - spare cage/ possibly for fosters. I didn't want to sell it basically lol.
Ferplast Rabbit100 - I don't want/ need it any more, but it might as well stay under my bed rather than going in the bin.
Savic Freddy - did have mice in it, is staying at home when I move.
Imac Fantasy - cage for foster mice/ rat intros/ any other temp. accommodation if critter is in use.
Little FOP cage - mouse intros cage

Going on cages bought for rat purposes, mine don't quite have a cage each :lol:

I feel the need to point out I'm actually quite good and in the last 3 months have sold/ reserved for others 4 cages. I feel this is a good number :lol:
Jemma wrote:I really love cage shopping, but alas I don't have space or enough rats for more lol.
I've fixed that by acquiring a hamster. Who of course requires an upgrade...
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Re: GMR.... What about GMC??

Post by Elmo » Sat Jul 30, 2011 11:13 am

Our attic is filling up nicely with spare/old cages, much to my dads annoyance ( :lol: )

Currently theres an old gerbil tank, a zoozone with a wire cage attached to the top (it came with a rat i got off my sisters mate, & is therefore referred to as 'Rolys cage'), a spare zoozone base (the top broke), a Critter2 that was a Critter3 but the bottom level was so rusty i chucked it, & a brand new Critter3 that was used for about 2wks until i got an Explorer..

We also has a ChiChi2, but it got chucked due to being annying to store, & rather manky (we got it 3rd or 4th hand..).

I only tend to have a max of 6 rats at any one time (currently just 3), so maybe i should get rid of some cages, but i just can't bring myself to do it..

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Re: GMR.... What about GMC??

Post by Lillyland » Sat Jul 30, 2011 11:59 am

Ah.. As far as this goes, i am a terminal case.

I have 2 triple explorers
a brio mini
a highrise mammal (although this is going soon!)
A freddy 2
A hacked down freddy 2
A mary
2 Duna tanks
A furet plus
A critter 1
A critter 2
A Sara 62q
A cambridge (currently housing the hamster)
5 pennine cages (yes. 5.)
6 or 7 small hamster cages (in the loft, so i can't quite remember how many are there)

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Re: GMR.... What about GMC??

Post by RCTlisa » Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:52 pm

It is quite scary when you right it all down, I have got myself in a much better position with my cages now.

Main cages:
4 x Explorers
2 x Abodes (though these are currently for sale)
1 x Marchioro (small cage) for two elderly bucks

1 x Critter 1
3 x Mary's
1 x Ruffy
1 x Ferplast Furet plus
1 x Freddy 2
2 x Pennine Starter kits (transport kits)
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