FR's atmosphere currently.

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Re: FR's atmosphere currently.

Post by Ratty_Rhian » Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:47 am

I think I have to disagree about "bullying" if the same point is made by more than one member. If I ask for opinions on something I find it more useful if lots of people say that they do things the same way or use the same product and like it etc. I find it highly useful to find out what the majority think and I think it's good when people back someone up instead of being afraid to in case it's seen as bullying. If only 1 person replies then the OP may just think it's 1 person attacking them instead of a valid way of doing something practiced by a large number of people so may be more likely to take the advice.

However, I've not really noticed an atmosphere so maybe I just have a simplistic view of goings on of late.
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Re: FR's atmosphere currently.

Post by Blossomgirl » Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:32 pm

I know this is a rather old thrad now, but I just wanted to add my 10c worth (if it's even worth that much!).

I've spent a lot of time in AlAnon metings (for family members of acoholics), and one of the principles they (and AA) talk about in their meeting is the very simple idea of 'take what you need, and leave the rest.' This is very much my attitude on all forums. I read a LOT (almost everything - can't read obits much cos they make me cry), I respond in places where I feel my response might actually help and make a decent contribution, and I leave the rest. Sure, I get frustrated by the occasional silliness and sometimes even outright idiocy of people, but I just don't respond on the forum (I often rant to Hubby ;) :lol: ). If I can think of a nice, polite way to put something, and I feel my contribution may actually help, then I'll respond to a difficult thread. Usually I just keep my thoughts to myself, and press 'report' if I feel it's necessary.

I have to say that I enjoy being on FR. It's a million times better than the Dutch forums. I love that wise people are not only willing to take the time to share their knowledge, but also are willing to take new things on board and learn along with the newbies. That's pretty rare, folks! In my experience, people with a lot of knowledge on a subject automatically assume they know everything, and you can't teach them anything! I love that people support each other outside of ratty issues too. I have said it before, and I know I'll say it again - I wish I lived over there and could met some of the lovely folks I've gotten to know on FR. Maybe one day I'll come over for a show. ;)

My rats are spoilt rotten, generally very healthy, and extremely well cared for (even if I do say so myself). Much of that is due to FR. So even if things get a little sticky and unpleasant occasionally, I just put it out of my mind, and continue trying to be pleasant and hlpful. If everyone does that, there'll be less unpleasantness and sticky patches, right? ;)
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