Eek. Newly pregnant rat

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Eek. Newly pregnant rat

Post by Magicmonkey » Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:29 am


Can anyone advise on what I should be doing? One of my new rats gave birth last night (she must have been pregnant when I got her)

The Mother's one of 4 rats (excluding the new-borns) in an explorer cage.

All I've done so far, is seperate the two halves of the explorer - leaving the mother/kittens upstairs and the others downstairs. I've also moved the mother's igloo from the top shelf of the explorer to the cage floor (to prevent accidents).

I've not had too close a look into the igloo to check on the babies - I didn't want to upset the Mother too much. Should I check on them?

I've got a Ferplast Mary cage - would it be advisable to move the mother and kittens to this cage, rather than be left to roam in the upstairs of the explorer, or would a move at this point upset the mother too much?

Should I get some special food for mother/kittens when I'm in the shops at lunchtime?

Cheers for any advice :)

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Re: Eek. Newly pregnant rat

Post by KateR » Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:38 am ... growthfeed - loads of info on feeding here. You can check on the babies - start handling them ASAP to get them used to it. Might be worth moving them, but someone with more experience will be able to answer that one better.
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Re: Eek. Newly pregnant rat

Post by Amzy » Fri Nov 13, 2009 2:52 am

I was in the same position, I just left the mum and babies, with the other two girls in the cage.. when I tried to separate them the Mum got all anxious and wasnt happy, and didnt want to upset her, as didnt want her to hurt the babies... I started handling the babies at a week old.. and think Mum was glad to get some respite (she was about 6 weeks old, very tired and drained) and I think she trusted me to hold her babies! The night she gave birth I actually had two other rats in the cage who were my housemates [we had a bit of a sleepover going on!]

I didnt disturb mum too much at first, I checked the babies once or twice a day to check they were still alive.. and just kept an eye on Mum to see if she was with them... after 3 weeks I moved the nest into a smaller cage, as the babies were beginning to walk and get their head stuck in the bars (nightmare!).

It all comes naturally so hopefully Mum will do all the work :)

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