Blood In Male Rat's Urine

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Blood In Male Rat's Urine

Post by marilyn » Fri May 27, 2011 1:01 am

I just took my male rat, Rufus, to the vets because this week I've noticed that there has been blood sometimes in his urine.
This has only just started a few days ago and hasn't been an ongoing problem.
The vet felt around his abdomen and said she felt no abnormalities. He gets very scared when vets hold him and often urinates out of fear so luckily she managed to get a urine sample. It didn't look like it had blood in it but she said she'd quickly check it then send it to the lab for testing. Within a few minutes of checking it quickly she found a red blood cells and 'crystals'similar to what cats can get in their urine or it could be crystals from the table cloth' (our dog had been on the table a few mins before and she'd wiped it quickly with tissue- family vet trip!). She was very quick to say that there seemed to be no cancerous cells present so a tumor has so far been seen as unlikely. However, the crystals part bothered me. She said she hadn't heard of rats having crystals in their urine and I was just wondering if anyone here has or if it could really be from the table's surface?

Rufus has been prescribed Septrin for now and I had to write down a list of foods that he has most often (muesli base, tomatoes, oats, cornflakes- own brand, no additives- and various cereal grains mixed up, broccoli, cauliflower, pets at home rat nuggets, dry pasta, peas, the occasional little rich tea biccy for a treat or a tiny slither of tuna for a little protein/treat.... obviously not all at once!) to detirmine if anything in his diet is causing urine to be too acidic or too alkaline. His brother George seems to be fine and is relishing the chance to step up to the 'leader rat' plate and both have been running around as normal, playing, grooming etc.
Sometimes rufus gets lethargic but he has always been a bit of a sloth at times and perks right up. He has shown no signs of pain at all.
I was just wondering if anyone has had similar cases to this? I heard that white rats are more vulnerable to illness, is this true?
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