Lots of abscesses (different rats)

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Lots of abscesses (different rats)

Post by little_rat_lover » Sun May 29, 2011 9:11 pm

Posting here for some thoughts on this.

Some of my rats are getting cuts under their chins - could be from nipping or mites (undetermined as of yet, trying to work it out) - however to date 5 of my rats (all my neutered boys in fact... no girls) have had abscesses on their necks. Now 1 has had mites on and off for months due to low immune system and has since also had a facial abscess, so him I'm not so worried about - another is an older boy I've got, rehomed and unknown age, probably between 2 and 2.5 years old, and has had a few minor health issues, so again age could be a factor - but the other 3 are 3 brothers who are only 16 months old, now I've emailed the person they came from (rescues) about any problem with siblings.

But meanwhile I'm confused as to causes - I know abscesses aren't uncommon so possibly the ones in the 2 older boys can be written off, but 3 in my brothers and none in my other rats (of varying ages and health) seems weeeeeird. Just wondering any thoughts on possible causes of this? They've all been healthy boys their whole lives, don't think they've even had mites in their lives (although I have just given the whole cage a treatment as precaution in case something is causing them to get it). I'm not even sure they had cuts under their necks anyway, I didn't notice any (but obviously mild ones could be missed under fur I guess)

Their diet has been pretty steady, I'm going to (if it's not too soon since my last dose around mid april) do a course of echinacea to try and help halt it, but basically all this doesn't give any logical cause! I'm also going to clean them extra for a couple of weeks I think in case it's something going around them?

But basically I'm just.. stumped. It seems really odd! I've not taken in any rats since last September and none have been shown since sometime the middle of last year. The last contact they had with strange rats was in December and I've heard of no problems so I don't think it's anything they've picked up.

Sorry for the long post, I'm just a bit bewildered by this sudden abscess plague! Thoughts welcomed!

Edit: Oh the first abcess was the end of march sort of time. All have healed very well and without problems.
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