A lot of squeaking

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A lot of squeaking

Post by Eddy's mum » Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:28 pm

My boys have always been squeakers but recently they've got a lot more boisterous with other and I think one of them is establishing himself as alpha at last. Somethimes it gets a bit nasty - but so far its been manageable - they are about 10 months old now - is that when the hormones kick in

But my issue is that the beta - Tarly - has suddenly (from last night) got uber sensitive to every thing and is squeaking loudly - kind of screeching when I pick him up or the others go near him. He's always been the least friendly towards me, and used to chase the others around trying to mount them. I dunno if its hormones or something else - its as if he's in pain and his whole body seems sensitive - and he is even squeaking when he's by himself if he touches something.

I'm going to phone vets tomorrow for an appt - but just thought I'd check to see if anyone had come across this - I'm quite worried about him and now feeling guilty I was picking him up loads yesterday to take photos and after this he started getting really squeaky - I though it was him being grumpy but when I put him back he was just sitting in a strange posture and squeaking and looked startled. Furs normal - not sure if I've seen him eat this evening - but he's free rroaming and running awary from others which is not like him... :(
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