Another lump near vagina..

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Another lump near vagina..

Post by Nemokid » Sat Jul 02, 2011 1:44 pm

My rat beans is 19 months old and about 3-4 weeks had a mammory lump removed from her under arm..

Just checked on her today and she has a fair sized lump right near her vagina/bottom area basically right between her legs.

She can still wee etc, but now im worried.

Our vet said they wont put a rat for an operation more than once as they dont think its good for them because they're so small, and shes allready like i said had an op not that long ago.

Im currently in wales seeing family [rats are with me] so i will be taking her to the vet when i get home on Wednesday.

Until then, is there any problems it may cause her because the area it is in? And should i go to another vet who will operate on her to remove it? As i cant see her being too happy as it gets larger [allready about a large grape or two in size].

Anything else i can do? :(
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