Treating a resp infection after choking

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Treating a resp infection after choking

Post by malude » Mon Jul 04, 2011 2:56 pm

OK I might be 'over thinking' this a little but recent months have turned me into a worrier :-?

Iris choked a few nights ago so I've been monitoring her closely since due to the risk of resp infection following choking episodes. I was just giving her bisolvon but a couple of says ago started baytril as her breathing had an audible squeaky noise to it. When she's free ranging she is still bright in herself but she's definitely a bit quieter than normal. Today I have added in doxy as her breathing still seems a little laboured and is still noisy.
Just checking that this is the best AB combo - I only ask (and here comes the 'over thinking') because in humans an aspiration pneumonia is sometimes treated slightly differently to a community acquired pneumonia. So just wondering if baytril/doxy is the right option?
Apologies in advance....I'm sure I'm worrying too much and overcomplicating matters :oops:
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