Respiratory infection-youngster not responding to treatment

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Re: Respiratory infection-youngster not responding to treatment

Post by vegan_jen » Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:28 pm

Not within walking distance. Unfortunately I do not drive and cannot afford the taxi fare to travel far afield regularly (usually in at least once a fortnight!). I am not particularly happy with this current surgery at the moment though :(. I rang back today explaining the situation and again asking for alternative antibiotics. Unfortunately the only vet that has any knowledge of respy rats, (the one I have just started to see) is only in 2 days a week! (Today not being one of those days). The receptionist/nurse said she would talk to the vets that were in (who know nothing about rats) and possibly makes calls elsewhere to get some AB info.

They rang me back, having got hold of the vet I have just started seeing-She insisted that no new antibiotics be used until after Shiloh has an x-ray and swabs (earliest monday). Shiloh isn't at death's door, she's very happy and active, but her breathing has been consistently atrocious (in terms of noise) for weeks+ now, gradually getting worse. So as time is of the essence I am not at all happy with this situation.

I ordered some more baytril over the phone to get us through the weekend (so just continuing with what we were doing), which I was told would be ready for me. When I went in later there was a big hoo-ha over it, because the vet had simply put in the notes "no antibiotics until after x-ray+swabs", without mentioning the current meds she was on and that it was ok to continue with this until monday. The nurse/receptionist I had spoken to over the phone had not put the order through and had gone home for the day. So they refused to give it to me! I tried to explain that the point was no NEW ABs until then, to avoid creating resistance. I got lectured at by a vet I had never met before, who wouldn't let me get a word in edgeways. When she finally finished I explained the situation and she realised they were in the wrong. So I finally got some more bloomin baytril :angry: . (As if I was in there trying to score rat ABs for goodness sake!).

I am not comfortable with forcing a syringe into Shiloh's mouth. For one thing I really don't know how on earth I would actually do it. Restraining her and forcing her is a very distressing thought and I am scared of shooting liquid into her lungs! I don't handle them firmly as it is as i'm so afraid of hurting them. I don't want to grip her little head hard :(. On the plus side, I simply sucked up some of the apple juice (with Tylan) from their drinking bowl, and oddly she happily drank from the syringe!! Hoping perhaps she just didn't like taking it from the bowl, I put some in a drinking bottle, but no luck there :(. I think the syringe is merely a novelty-she's excited by the idea of a private treat and grabs it excitedly before anyone else catches on. Not sure if that will work more than once though once she knows what it tastes like :/. So until monday, continuing with Baytril twice a day and the tylan/apple juice as their drinking source (if they will drink it!).

Next week is going to be expensive :(.
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Re: Respiratory infection-youngster not responding to treatment

Post by Neotoma » Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:27 am

Let's hope you get some answers on Monday then, and she continues to be conned by the syringe treats over the weekend.

I really wouldn't be happy by a vet who treated me like that - I respect my vets expertise and I generally take their advice, but treatment is a team effort and I expect my views (and rat care experience) to be taken into consideration. I'm lucky to have a vet who agrees (he's written something on my notes along the lines of 'she knows what she's talking about, and is responsible, so if she asks for something, give it to her'), but I expect any vet to listen to me or they don't get consulted twice.

I'm also not sure why they are insistent on tylan (which is an erythromyacin derivitive that it's proving hard to get her to take), but absolutely against zithromax (which is an erythromyacin derivitive that tastes of sweet artificial cherry and can be given in food)
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