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Re: Vets bill

Post by danniixx » Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:43 am

She says it means I can't spend the money on "doing nice things" ... but before the rats came she would always make me feel bad for spending money on myself!
sounds like my mum :roll:

I remember last year when my girl Ratty had a deep bite in her neck I took her to the emergency vets and it cost me £260 for a small amount of gas and 2 stitches. I will add though Ratty was devastated when I didnt let her back in the cage because of her 'attack' and she ended up sleeping in the top half of the explorer over the gap (clear trays) with the rest of them sleeping in the bottom half directly under her *sigh*
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Re: Vets bill

Post by sati18 » Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:21 am

I think vet costs depends also on whether it's a private practise or funded in some way by charity or whatever. E.g animed here is £7 per consult (don't trust the vets there though), and mine which is a private vets is £22 per consult. Mine are reasonable for "standard" operations such as a neuter £60, but for exploratory surgery it's more likely to come out at £125-£200 depending on what they find. But i guess that's down to the amount of time the rat is under and if they don't know what's wrong then it will take longer.

Hmm bit of a waffle that but felt the need to add my tuppence worth!
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