Found a wound on Kasper.. help?

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Found a wound on Kasper.. help?

Post by Jembean » Sat Feb 04, 2006 6:33 pm

I feel so guilty :( Kasper and Cushty have the odd scuffle every now and then, which I assumed was normal so didn't really worry about it, but today when I went to give them a yoggie I noticed a wound on Kasper's belly. I'm assuming it's only been there a few hours since it wasn't there this morning when I had them out for a cuddle.
At a rough guess it's about a centimetre and a half long, and I can see blood but it doesn't seem to actually be leaving the wound if that makes sense? There's none on his fur or anywhere in the cage, and he doesn't seem to be too bothered by it.. still running around as usual.
I rang the vet who said that I should keep it clean - which I've been doing, with salt water.
They also said that since the weekend is out of surgery hours if I brought him in it'd cost £60 plus any additional treatment, and we don't have a car at the moment because, *please do not swear*'s law, the battery in my mum's decided to die on Thursday and it's being fixed.

So.. should I just keep it clean til Monday when I can hopefully get him to the vet for a proper look?
And what should I do about putting him back in the cage? I'm worried about making it worse :( He's currently in a cat carrier with water and food and a cuddle cup but I'm not sure how long he should stay there. I was going to order a new big cage tomorrow - I'd go out and buy a spare one right now if it wasn't for a total lack of transport.
I'm really not sure what I should do or if I've even done everything right so far. Help please?

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Post by ceejay » Sat Feb 04, 2006 7:38 pm

If it was my rats I think I would put them back together as Kasper seems fine in himself, but keep a close eye on them . Just carry on keeping it clean and bathing with the salt water,for a day or two. You may find that by Monday it will have healed enough not to need a vet visit. If it starts to look red and inflamed then I would either ring the vet if it is tomorrow or take him to the Vet if its monday. When Jazz bit Neo he made a couple of gashes on his shoulder and they healed up very quickly.
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