infuence of the lack of SP-A on mammals health?

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infuence of the lack of SP-A on mammals health?

Post by Nisia » Thu Sep 28, 2006 4:32 pm

Do you have any knowledge of the influence of the lack of SP-A on the health of our ratties (and people, dogs, other mammals)?

My hobby is a pulmonary surfactant - something what line in all mammals lungs and help in breathing and protect from bacteria and viruses. This surfactant contains phospolipids (DPPC) which help with breathing and 4 proteins (SP-A, SP-B, SP-C, SP-D) which protect mammals health. All of these are produced by some special bacteria (I don't know English name - in Polish they are called makrofagi). Some of these microorganisms eat bacteria and viruses which are strange in lungs (pathogenic).

For example: SP-A protect from several bacteria. One of them is Haemophilus influenzae which could be the agent of lung, bronchia, brain meninges, ear inflammation and many other illnesses.

I think that the lack of any component could be genetic - like the colour of hair or eyes.

We had in Warsaw one rat with lung inflammation which after 2 weeks of recovery gone down with "brain inflammation". But the vet said it could be brain meninges inflammation but he can't check it. For me it could be Haemophilus influenzae, which stayed in lungs after recovery. And if it was - there was a lack of SP-A. And if - her brothers and sisters could have the same.
The rattie has died

But... I'm not able to do the experiments now :cry: Beacuse of some people.... Soem vets who don't want to help... :cry:

Do you know ANYTHING about this? Could you tell me? Help me? Give more information? Or just tell about "strange" your ratties illnesses?


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