head tilt advice needed

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head tilt advice needed

Post by debzzybub » Tue Feb 05, 2008 9:24 pm

We took in a young rat back in october, up until a few weeks ago she was a fantastic girl, full of energy, great personality, she truely is lovely. Her name is rosie, a few weeks back she had an ear infection, this was treated with baytril, she had a bit of a head tilt after but it seems to have got worse over the past 2 weeks. We had rosie at the vets and she gave us another course of baytril and gave her a steroid injection. This doesnt seem to have any effect. She is still a happy animal in herself and still interacts with her 3 cage mates, is eating and drinking fine the only problem is when she rolls over because of the head tilt she seems to keep rolling and rolling trying to right herself, this tends to make her disorientated and she gets in a right fluster!
Has anyone any advice regards ratties with a tilt? We are unsure as to what to do next, the vet said obviously if her quality of life is affected then its the unmentionable but thats a last resort, she's lovely!
All info and advice hints or tips gratefully recieved! Thanks in advance cos I know you lot are marvellous for info!!!

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Re: head tilt advice needed

Post by BunnyWestley » Wed Feb 06, 2008 8:18 am

My Rick has head tilt.

Its not too severe and he tends just to be a bit wobbly and falls over sometimes and it can be a bit of a struggle for him to get up. He can't have baths as he can't swim, he just spins round in the water!

If she is eating and drinking and playing with your other ratties and seems happy in herself, then I'd leave her and see if she gets a bit more used to it. They do adapt. Rick took a little time but he doesn't fall off things so much now. And I have my little Basil who only has the sight in one eye - its never slowed him down at all and he still enjoys climbing all over me and jumping 4ft gaps to the cage.

Any long drops we've added hammocks in case Rick falls, so he has a safety net. But as I said, he doesn't fall off things nearly as much as he did.

Keep her on the Baytril for at least 3 weeks to clear up the infection and see how she gets on. Hopefully she'll adapt to it and not get herself into such a tizzwoz :D

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Re: head tilt advice needed

Post by Lea » Sat Feb 09, 2008 5:54 pm

I have two head tilters (sisters in fact). Both were treated with Baytril for 3 weeks and one had steroids (dexamethasone and Depomedrone [methylprednisolone]), but nothing worked so we left them be.

Now a year on for one and 4 months for the other, both have adapted really well and neither of them fall off things (well very rarely). Willo had the most severe head tilt out of the two, and like Rosie kept twisting every time I picked her up. I got into the habit of putting her in the palm of my hand and holding the base of her tail until she orientated herself, and she was fine.

Willo’s head tilt in only just noticeable now and Widget is still quite tilty but nothing slows her down. There really is no need to put a head tilt rat down, they adapt really well.

Hope this helps :D .
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Re: head tilt advice needed

Post by ellieviolet » Sat Feb 09, 2008 6:56 pm

my minnie got a head tilt, did all the meds and they didnt make any difference :roll: but she is now well over two years old and seems to have had the tilt forever but it isnt a problem for her, she gets a bit confused out of the cage and i keep her in a freddy with her friends as she did start to struggle in the taller tom.

i would trust your instincts, she will adapt quite quickly and sounds like she is happy enough in herself :)
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