dislikes handling

Discuss rat companionship, introductions and behavioural problems such as biting or shyness or tell us about your rat's unusual habits.
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dislikes handling

Post by TheGryffindorFox » Sun Apr 17, 2011 8:22 pm

Hi all, just wanted some advice about my seven month old boy, Remus. He's always been more nervy than his brother Albus, and when I brought them from P@H the bloke had trouble getting him out of the cage. He really disliked being handled and would shy away if you tried to touch him. Since then we've made good progress and he's quite happy to run about on me and inside my clothes, and sit on my shoulder. But he still really doesn't like being touched, even though I handle him everyday to get him used to it. He will let me stroke him sometimes, but not for long, and at other times he will back away. When I pick him up, he often wriggles and if I don't let him go starts squeaking. I'm not really sure how to make him feel better about it all. He's really a sweet lad and never bites me, it's just being touched that's the problem. What can I do?

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Re: dislikes handling

Post by angiee-w » Sun Apr 17, 2011 8:36 pm

My Eddie was a nightmare for the first year and a bit of his life. He would bite if you tried to handle him and would always run away, he is a nervous boy but one day i got fed up of him being nervous after having him over a year so i would let him bite if wanted but i would cuddle him for an hour every day and build the time up as he got used to it. Now, he still isn't keen on being handled but he will let me stroke him and will sit on my lap when he comes out happily. He is coming up to 2 and he is actually such a lovely boy, it only took him 2 years to settle! :lol:

Just be patient and cuddle him as much as you can, wear an old jumper or dressing gown around the house and let him ride around in it with you. Make a fuss of him everyday, use treats. He will come around with lots of love and patience.. But i also think as he has got older, he's mellowed out a bit. Your boy is still a young ratty :love:

Oh and Eddie was from p@h too.. The rats i got from them were all scatty and scared of everything at the start, but they are all such loving things now. :luck:
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Re: dislikes handling

Post by TheBall » Mon Apr 18, 2011 3:24 pm

Seems i'm in the same situation too, having bought my guys from P@H about 5/6 weeks ago now. Reggie (the one in my avi) is really shy, and like Remus backs away when stroking yet when deciding to come out the cage runs into my shirt and starts licking my chest and scurrying about.

When Ronnie his cagemate comes out and is bouncing around the living room, i've found lifting Reggie out of his corner and placing him near Ronnie he soon starts exploring, allowing me to storke him but not for long. The first few times had the stinky droppings from nerves baut that's pretty much non existnt now thankfully, but still can't help knowing the poor little guys nervous :(

Time is patients i guess :oops:


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