Advice for introductions please :)

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Advice for introductions please :)

Post by Svenja » Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:55 pm

Why are rats so cute? :) I was planning on getting 2 rats and now it looks like there will be 4 of them!

I'm getting 2 rescue rats on Saturday (2 females, both 6 months old) and I ended up getting 2 youngsters today (they're also females, one is about 12 weeks and one is 8 weeks). The little ones are in a small cage at the moment, and I have a larger one arriving tomorrow. The 2 older girlies are arriving on Saturday afternoon. Does anybody have any advice for introducting the rats to each other? None of the rats will really be very established in their territory yet, as the little ones will only have been with me for 2 days by the time the older ones arrive.

My main question is about the cages ... my larger cage is arriving tomorrow, should I put the 2 babies in there tomorrow and let them have the cage to themselves until the older ones arrive on Saturday? Or should I keep the little ones in the cage that they are in now until Saturday? Meaning that the large cage will be neutral territory for all of them.

Here are the caged areas that I have available:

- Small cage (which the 2 little ones will have been in)
- Large cage (which can either be completely neutral, or I could put the little ones in there for a night)
- Small carrier (which the 2 little ones have been in for about an hour)

Any advice will be much appreciated :dumbogirly:


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