Boisterous youngsters with oldies?

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Boisterous youngsters with oldies?

Post by sammieanne111 » Sat Jul 30, 2011 4:52 am

My 2 oldies Millie & Dora are not getting much quiet time in the cage with my crazy rat :love: and her new Buddy Mischief :hearts: .

Do you think I should separate these 2 young ones into a cage for themselves because My crazy one. still not got a name, perhaps it should be Trouble !! Ok Mischief and Trouble dart around Trouble jumps everywhere all you hear is lots of thuds!.

I do at times feel quite sorry for Millie and Dora, They run into there home and try to play but these two ladies are not interested they stroll out and just wait till its safe to go back in .

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Re: Boisterous youngsters with oldies?

Post by purple_vixen » Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:35 am


I wouldn't separate your girls. Most rats can cope with pingy youngsters. My groups are all mixed ages, and if my OAPs are still ambling around, interested, eating and not visibly overwhelmed, they will stay in the same group and the same cage for all of their days (maybe with the layouts changed slightly for old and wonky rats to get around.)

Do all of your girls sleep in piles, groom one another, hang out close to one another? If there are no squabbles, I'd leave things as they are.

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