Funny Noises

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Funny Noises

Post by Hexi » Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:53 pm

Hey again.

I know i've been posting a lot but i just have so many questions.

Today we got the boys out onto the sofa while i was cleaning their cage out. I managed to hold them both for a short amount of time. Tokyo was quite happy to sit on my shoulder for about 5 minutes then any time i picked him up after that he made little grunty noises like he was protesting or calling out to see where his brother had gone. my hamster used to make a similar noise if i held him a certain way for too long. and my guinea pig used to make "exploring noises" when they were checking out a new place, little grunty sounds. it kinda sounded like these mixed together.

I wasn't holding him hard, it was with both hands or on my chest or shoulder and he wasn't squeeking but it was like he was calling for his brother or something. . . very peculiar and he stopped doing it when i put him back with Ezio.

I was just wandering if anyone had heard anything similar from their rats and if it was indeed a calling noise or one of protest/pain. even though he continued to make it when he was sitting in my lap without me touching him.

sorry for posting so much. ><''
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Re: Funny Noises

Post by Neotoma » Sun Aug 07, 2011 8:16 am

Sounds like a nasal rattle. Give it a few days to see if it settles of it's own accord, and if it doesn't, or if it gets worse, then take him to the vet and have his chest checked. If his chest is involved then he'll need ABs for respiratory infection. If his chest is clear, then its up to you and the vet to decide whether to treat it now while it's restricted to the upper airways, or monitor for a while longer (you'd also consider whether it could be an irritation or allergy at that stage). In rats with no history of resp disease, I normally treat nasal rattles if they don't settle by themselves in a week or so, as I like to bash the bugs before they start causing problems in the lungs.

Don't panic though - rats are legendary for this... According to my vet, the only animals with worse respiratory systems en masse are birds.
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