Pets at Home survey

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Re: Pets at Home survey

Post by hardcorejillz » Sat May 14, 2011 7:01 pm

I went to P@H looking for new rats back in 2005. There were none on display so I asked when theyd be getting more in. The bloke said he'd check & see if there were any out the back. He came back with one male hoodie who he said had been kept back for breeding. He had never been handled & had been kept on his own (he was 15 wks then). I felt really sorry for him & bought him. The bloke asked me if I would lift him out of the cage as he was nervous of handling him. Surprisingly he wasnt vicious in any way, just very nervous. It took months of handling before he settled down. I named him Shady & he became a friendly little boy! I did ask p@h about a companion for him but was told that males would fight if housed together & I didnt know any better back then!

Im actually thinking of complaining about them at the minute due to their lack of customer service skills! Iwent in last sunday to buy a Furet XL cage. The one on display didnt have the platform & ramp in it, so I asked the salesgirl why. She said it doesnt come with any of those to which i replied that i already have one of these cages & it definitely is meant to have the platform & ramp in it. She said it must be a different model, so i asked if i could buy them separately to which she said 'well you wont get them here'. I bought the cage & she grudgingly carried it to my car. I got home, checked P@H website & lo and behold the Furet XL does come with platform etc. I rung them & complained, so they ordered another cage so i could get the parts from it. Went up on Wed, the girl didnt want to open the new cage as it was flatpacked & said I should have brought my cage with me for an exchange! When I said my rats are already living in it, she looked at me like I had 2 heads! Anyway to cut a long story short, I got home, went to put parts in cage & theyd not given me the screws & brackets! Couldnt be bothered driving 20 miles back again so am now looking for a new corner shelf WITH attachments! Feel a strongly worded letter to P@H coming on! Do they legally have to provide me with the missing parts, or would they just say its my fault for not noticing before I left the store?
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Re: Pets at Home survey

Post by TheBall » Sat May 14, 2011 8:41 pm

Seems the staff at my local P@H were quite knowledageble about rats when me and my brother were looking to buy some. They pretty much told us the in's and out's of them of which mirrord information i found on here after buying them. When i'm up the centre i usualy pop in and looksy and always (appear) to be in same sex pairs, and never alone. Although once i saw one alone, spent ages feeling sorry for the poor thing and realised one had snuck himself right in the corner of the tank :lol:

The staff always seem interested when talking about the pets and related stuff like the bedding etc. Not being biased here, but the ladies are 18-25 and are the type that are into pets/animals in general i feel, as well as the couple guys there too, one i was talking to for ages about the corn snake they had whilst he was holding it.

Seems like any mass chain, almost like car dealers, experiances can vary by literally a few miles between stores :(

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Re: Pets at Home survey

Post by emma10 » Sat May 14, 2011 9:00 pm

Its mixed in the one here. One of the girls who was there was THRILLED when i took Billy. She said that she'd been giving him scritches for weeks hoping someone would take him! She was very clued up (and even slagged the company off when she said that the stuff they offered in the cage deal was unsuitable). A guy who works there too is always lovely.

However another woman (I think shes assistant manager, or something more high up) is an absolute eejit. I went in a few months ago for some bits and saw a gorgeous ratty in the adoption centre. She looked at me like I had 2 heads when I said I already had 3, and asked if that wasnt already enough. she demanded to see a photo of my cage to see how big it was (ok thats fair enough, but it was because she actually thought that any rat cage would have been bought from p@h and that she would know of it) She then asked how I'd introduce them, I said in the bath. She looked at me like I had 3 heads!!! It then turned out that whoever had put little ratty in the adoption tank had mis sexed him, as he was a her so she couldnt come back with us :(

Bilo, my lovely little hooded man is the result of a p@h mix up. His 'mummies' were bought from there.. a few weeks later... baby ratties. The girl who had his mum and dad was also quite clueless (shes only a kid and very mis informed) as he was the only one of his ltter left and I have a feeling that some of his siblings went to homes alone. P@h should at least supoort the people who are cleaning up after them!
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Re: Pets at Home survey

Post by flash-gordonette » Sat May 14, 2011 9:07 pm

I have to say that the Stockport Branch seem to be fairly knowledgeable about rats, never keep them alone. And once they told me they were very relieved that I was rehoming some rescues there as they didn't trust another man who had shown interest.

Another branch near me now though...not so good. They frequently have several lone rats for long periods of time. One time they had 3 lone rats in store, all looked barely 6 weeks. Laws of odds meant that 2 had to be the same sex but when I pointed this out I got told that one of them was too vicious and they daren't put him with the other. Yeah right! :roll:
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Re: Pets at Home survey

Post by Mainey » Wed May 25, 2011 7:33 pm

It was a good few years ago I got my first rat from pets at home in croydon, a beautiful siamese girl with a wonderful temperament named Rizla.
I don't remember ever being asked if I had a suitable home or being offered any advice on how to care for her. I was just sold her without any questions.
The rats are kept in tanks that are far too small and with only one of those bendy wooden log things to sleep under.

When I was a bit more clued up and realised that Rizla needed a friend I bought another rat from them, a beautiful fawn hooded named Reed. She wasn't very interested in getting to know me but she begged Rizla for attention, crouching under her head and pleading to be groomed. Rizla didn't seem to like her much and kept kicking her (when I bought her she was sleeping alone in the corner of the tank away from her 'siblings'. Not sure why... maybe it was too hot or maybe she wasn't a well socialised rat.) but it eventually got to the point that she would let Reed live in the same cage eventually let her sleep with her.

However, Reed had very severe respiritery problems and (while on a course of bayrtril form the vets) one night she just started gasping and very quickly passed away in my arms at only 6 months old :(.

Rizla lived over two years but very heartbreakingly died (was PTS) after growing very weak following surgery to remove a tumor :(.

My third rat, a big agouti capped neutered male was from a rescue and, after learning about rat farms, in the future I will only ever get my rats from breeders or rescues.

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Re: Pets at Home survey

Post by Becca:) » Wed May 25, 2011 8:30 pm

I have got to say I was a bit wrong with my post on this thread. I have to hand it to them, they do their best by the animals. I think the hate and anger should be aimed at manufacturers, supliers and mass breeders.

I do agree that the rats don't have a big enough space or enough activities to do, but if you think about it, when your ratties are ill you would put them in a tempory cage which is usually smaller. From what I have seen and experienced the store local to me at least are telling every customer the correct things about rats and the space and company they need, and won't sell to anyone who doesn't have the right requirements.

It's definitely the suppliers that anger me. Mass breeding is cruel as I don't believe you can possibly ensure the full health of every animal when there are so many. I handle my rats every day and if I didn't, certain things would go un-noticed or not noticed sooner. However in my eyes it's a lose-lose fight against such companies which are reeling in millions from impulse buyers and uneducated owners.

Rat rant over... I get carried away on these subjects :lol:
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Re: Pets at Home survey

Post by Chris_D » Sun Jun 12, 2011 3:21 pm

Our local P&H has at least one lovely assistant who knows and likes rats and talked to us about them before we adopted our Haring & Gothe from their adoption corner. While we weren't asked specifically about previous experience with baby rats, cages etc I guess she got the idea we knew what we were doing from the 10-15min chat we had.

However when it comes to the last rat we got, our Howlett, I couldn't be more mad at them for selling all his brothers and leaving him alone for god-knows-how-long. We made a point of asking how long he'd been alone in the glass tank and if he was ok and got a rather unconvincing "oh only a few days" and a brush off from the staff on the till.

I think that's the last time we've ever set foot in the place.
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Re: Pets at Home survey

Post by bicstar » Sun Jun 19, 2011 10:44 pm

Only 1 time I believe I've been disappointed with P@H. They've been great pretty much every other time I've been in. Always check if theyve sexed the rats right who are together and have been. Have also bought a couple rats from them in the past and was asked about what cage/other rats I had. Well in the case of Sandy any way as I got her by herself as we already had two rats from a rescue (she was a lovely girl, I miss her :(). Also got 2 at the same time so they didnt ask about other rats in the house (im sure we told them though) but, did ask about cage. Also rehomed a few from their adoption center. Likewise always asked us about cages, food etc. They've always been on biocatolet too (which when we first got rats, was highly recommended, not so much now thought I know, so using breeder celect for our ratties). Actually, can think of two negatives. One relating to litter - they didnt have any biocatolet and didnt know when theyd be getting any in so I asked what else I could use and the guy recommended their own, which was very dusty, in fact I think they'd put their rats on it that week (because no biocatolet) and it made me sneeze all the way home and even the packaging said do not ingest dust :s. The other being one of the girls we rehomed, the note thing said she was a year old...........and im father xmas :rollred:. Our oldest girl apart from her, is now 20 months, and Poppy was older than this when we got her, most likely already 2. While her back legs are failing her and she drags them, she's a lot happier now than when we got her and gets about more in the cage, quite often we see her exploring now :).

On the up side though, we rescued 4 boys from a different P@H. The staff didnt want to give them to us..............because they were so attatched to them. The woman didnt want us to see them, or hold them and only relaxed when we explained we had girls too and she asked if we were gonna breed them (in a worried voice) and we said summit like oh god no. That seemed to make her like us lol. Then she asked how many we wanted, i'm sure she assumed 2 but, when we said we'd take all of them, she was like :-o but also :D. Very happy that they were going together and gonna be looked after well. All (well a good number of staff, quite possibly all the staff) came to the counter to speak to us and give the boys a little tickle before they went and were over the moon when we said we'd let them know how the boys were getting on/how they settled in. - That wasnt our local store, at our local one, one of the women has a few rats of her own as well and is spot on. In fact another store, we went in for litter and she asked if we had rats and biocatalet was all we had.

A couple of bad experiences but, overall very good. In fact I complained to someone about the litter when i next went in and they still didnt have any, he opened the bag on breeder celect - recommended it and was very friendly and said the rats there were using it. By that time, we'd already decided that's what we were gonna use but, he let us see it first, see it wasnt dusty etc :).

Sorry, i've waffled but, that's my experience with P@H lol.
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Re: Pets at Home survey

Post by shaycos » Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:27 pm

WE have a couple locally and a couple in towns near by. Our main one has much improved in the last year. Mainly due to two new members of staff who really seem to care about the animals. Most of the adoption pets were wrongly labelled and we actually got one rat from the adoption centre who was so unfit he shouldn't have been up for homing. Not sure if they used to be vet checked before rehoming but they certainly are now, when needed.
The wonderful thing is one of the new guys has had loads of small animal experieince (real experieince not sales pitch or pretending to know) and is really helpful. Sadly the other three branches are very poor. There have been some improvements such as seperating rabbits and guineas and having the rats on paper based litter instead of sawdust, your chance of gettign a knowledgable person is slim.
I tend to use it for offers, plus its the only pet shop around at the moment who does the brand of cat litter we use. Sadly locally it is far from the worst pet shop.


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