Tommy 82 T3 (Hampshire)

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Tommy 82 T3 (Hampshire)

Post by daffee » Sat Jan 24, 2009 1:17 pm

Marchioro Tommy 82 T3
82cm x 51cm x 152cm (LxWxH)


Comes with accessories including 2 shelves; 4 ramps and 2 houses

This is a three tier cage with full bases on each level and comes with shelves and ramps to join these although you can use other methods if preferred. You can remove some of the bases and cable tie the bars together to build more of an open-plan style cage. You can even sub-divide the cage by blocking off the holes in the bases which is useful for intros etc.

A good size cage. Has wide bar spacing meaning it may not suit very young or small rats but these are horizontal giving good climbing and hanging opportunities. Fantastic access with each level having a large door on the front plus a large top door and 2 levels have smaller side doors designed to attach the house accessories on the outside of the cage (we haven't done this).

This cage is very easy and quick to clean. It comes flatpacked but is not hard to put together and each section can be quickly separated and reattached during cleaning. It has wheels on the bottom base to allow it to be moved around and being predominantly plastic it is nice and light yet still very sturdy.

The bases are very deep but there is no lip around the access holes so bedding will fall down to the bottom of the cage and some will still fall out of the cage. Older and less mobile rats may find the ramps provided too steep.

Ratty rating :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat:

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Re: Tommy 82 T3 (Hampshire)

Post by touie2 » Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:53 am

I only had this cage for a short time. I loved the size, layout, the access and the fact that it was on wheels so could be moved easily. What I didn't like was the large bar spacing. I also found it a bit flimsy, the ramps weren't much use for heavy boys and the door catches didn't feel too secure!

3 rats from me :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat:
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Re: Tommy 82 T3 (Hampshire)

Post by Jemma » Mon Apr 20, 2009 7:30 pm

Wear and Tear - I've had this cage for over 2 years now, I'm not the gentlest sole on cages but it has lasted despite this. There's no rust, a little bit of cage warping but it is generally still solid, much to my disappointment as i really want to go cage shopping again soon, still i can't actually find a cage that ticks all the boxes this one does and still fits into the floor space i need. The clips are mostly still going strong, those on the shelves and ladders were the weakest but i got rid of those early on anyway, one of the top corner clips has gone but as i got a spare in the kit this hasn't been a problem, my boys aren't chewers though.

Bar spacing - it's worth noting on this that i have had 6 week old kittens (admittedly bucks) in this cage with no escapes out, i think if they'd really really wanted to they could have and i would not trust escape artist young does to the cage or adult does in a room with bucks but for a buck owner like me the bar spacing is perfect. It alows you to get all your fingers in to interact with the rats and give them a scratch through the bars which also helps stop them biting through the bars.

Accessories - these seemed fine at first, then i realised the gravity feeders meant i fed the lads too much, the water bottles were frankly ignored, the shelves trapped urine in themselves and needed complete disassembly and soaking for each clean out, the ladders stopped holding onto the shelves after the 3rd use and i think the rats ate the hay rack hooks. Still the little houses are nice, and the fact they flat pack (once you've got the knack) is brilliant for travelling. I personally would chuck most of the accessories and replace with ferplast shelves (with back up ramps for oldies) and a couple good quality water bottles, coup cups.

Flexibility - This is where the cage shines for me, I am a creature of change, i like to mess around with stuff and make it new and different and my poor rats are subjected to it regularly. This cage lets me shrink it down to a 4 rat cage when i have very young, ill or old rats, stretch it to 6 or 8 sized cages (or 10 but my roof is too low for full height) for a bit of space and to encourage them to climb. I can add the middle bases when I'm not sure of the rats stability, or i can take them away to make them climb more (i'm cruel and make the rats do some exercise now and then). If i need to i can block off the hole in the middle bases and create two separate cages, very handy for bucks. All in all it means lots of fun playing and building.

Assembly - The instructions are useless, mainly because there aren't any, ignore them and download a nice high quality image off the internet. The clips aren't too bad really, there aren't too many that are similar and it didn't take me long to assemble this first time but then I am an engineer and this kind of thing is my lego. Apparently it can help to soak the clips in warm water first to help get them on however i didn't need to do this with my tommy, i did see the point with a sara i tried to build recently though as the clips were far stiffer than my cage.

Access - The other major selling point of this cage, there are so many doors, there are 2 little ones on the side of each large section (one is a bit small for a rat door but a useful scritching point). The front doors are a lovely size, to the point where they'll fit a wodent wheel out of them without disassembling (very important) not to mention 4 large rats can jsut about perch along the entrance waiting for there food. The top opening takes up most of the cage though i don't use this much as even with my 2/3's height cage it's too high for me to reach on a worksurface.

I'd definitely recommend this cage, it's been great for me and my lads, it's just a pig to get hold of now.
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