Marchioro Clipper Aran 1 - carrier

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Marchioro Clipper Aran 1 - carrier

Post by acapae_wolf » Sat Dec 04, 2010 8:53 pm

Marchioro specifications
Zooplus page [Smaller size = Clipper 1, bigger, naturally, is Clipper 2]

Bar spacing on the top door: 9mm bars
Bar spacing on the front door: 22mm by 32mm squares (smaller at the edges)

I recently bought this carrier for use with my future group of 6 does. I've not used it to take them anywhere yet, but will be doing 2 big journeys in the next couple of weeks :) I have however carried them round the house in it a bit and it's really nice to carry - doesn't feel excessively bulky as some can do.

It's really fantastic quality; the plastic body itself, structurally, and they haven't skimped on the metalwork on the doors either. In addition to having 2 clips on each side between the top and bottom sections, there's also one on the back of the carrier - something most cat carriers don't have. The two halves feel very secure rather than slightly wobbly like some brands. Because it's so well put together and robust I've been told it's fine to flatpack and put back up again each time you want to use it for easy storage - very good for me while at university with limited space for things.

The handle is lovely too. It's slightly rounded for extra grip, but not in a way that makes you feel like you're holding a massive uncomfy chunk of plastic. Some carriers have appallingly designed handles that put me off the whole thing *coughpawprintcought*

The front door is easy to open and there are hooks in the plastic at the top and bottom of the doorway to ensure a snug fit. Same sort of job as the little ridges on the inside of the middle of the long sides on some plastic cage bases. I tried the rats in it as it came but the littles (225 and 196g) could both get their heads up to their shoulders out of the front door. I don't think they'd have got out, but Amdridh (the smaller) got properly stuck and then panicked, so I've meshed it to be on the safe side as I don't want her to think of it as a scary place. I doubt any normal sized adult rats (bucks or does) would have any issues with the spacing.

The top door is slightly curved so that for a human it's really very easy to push it down and own of the clips to open up. I can do it with one hand. Yet because of the high quality of the metal and the standard Marchioro good support bars (there's 2 per cross-over not just one) the door itself doesn't feel at risk from now using 2 hands.

There is a big lip: 4.5cm so I'm able to put a decent layer of substrate in for them to root about for food :D

And there's loads of space inside for them, without it being too bulky from the outside.

Also, not a major point, but I love how it came with a 'live animals' sticker. In the past I've had to make one myself and stick on as I try not to take them anywhere without the alert. It's just nice that they took the consideration to include one I think. I've stuck it on the right as I usually carry them in my right hand.

I'm trying to think of some downsides on balance, and can't really lol. Maybe that Zooplus only sold it in dark red (no dark blue or dark green). I found it elsewhere online in those colours, but with Zooplus it was into the free postage, and I'm not that fussy lol.

I'd give it a 5 :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat:

3/4 view


Top door cuve

Top door handle

Front door (with added critter mesh)

Front door closed from inside

Depth of lip

Lotsa space

with the ratlings: Orbit, Lanorial, Amdridh, Arkiadera, Esker, Brie, Larka and Foxtrot. Also Anfreda the hamsterling.
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