Ferplast Aladino Carrier

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Ferplast Aladino Carrier

Post by acapae_wolf » Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:10 pm

This carrier comes in 3 sizes, the larger two are suitable for rats.
Medium: 30 x 23 x 21cm (same size as the Pet Brands equivilent)
Large: 36 x 26 x 23cm
The carrier comes in dark red, dark blue, dark green as standard and somtimes limited edition colours are available.

The closing mechanism on the lid secure, yet smooth enough to allow me to open/ close one-handed.

The depth of the solid base allows a substaintial amount of substrate to be used if one wishes. Thus although the carrier itself is smaller, it is still suitable for long journeys if e.g. you scatter food in the substrate to keep them occupuied.

Unlike the similar Pawprint carrier there is not a hole in the roof large enough to fit a waterbottle spout in. However the plastic grills on the side are made of more flexible plastic and it is easy to fit the spout of a standard 'classic' water bottle between the slats. The tight fit means that if you're using a small bottle it should stay in on its own - if not locating it near the hinges and fastening with a simple loop of wire through the handle works well (the door can open while attached). This makes the carrier suitable for other smaller rodents meaning one can more viably use the same carrier for multiple species or without having to depend on fresh food only for moisture e.g. in carrier intros.

I use this carrier most frequently to hold my group of 4 rats while I clean out the cage. It is also very suited to travel on public transport as it both fits easily under a train seat, or nicely on my lap (and I'm still comfortable enough to read a book over the top :lol:). When less rat-confident friends or family are ratsitting, they also use it to transfer rats from the cage to free range and back again - the large top opening door makes this ideal.

I regularly take this carrier apart (the top clips to the solid bottom) for thorough cleaning and easy storage. The security of these clips hasn't got any less through doing this.

Currently I own two of the medium sized ones, and one of a smaller size [since discontinued, not the Aladino Small listed on the website; the same as the rat-suitable ones only smaller dimensions]
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Front view of closed handles

Side view of closed handles

Lid ventilation

Water bottle slotted in

Size with 2 adult does
with the ratlings: Orbit, Lanorial, Amdridh, Arkiadera, Esker, Brie, Larka and Foxtrot. Also Anfreda the hamsterling.
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