Hagen Zoozone 2 Large.

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Hagen Zoozone 2 Large.

Post by Ratsruleok » Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:31 pm

(first ever review please be gentle)

zoozone large dimensions
100cms long by 50cms wide by 32 cms high

2cm width gap apart
chrome coated with a white paint or plastic coating.

the roof contains a panel of metal bars that can either slide out the way lift like a door or be removed completely.
19/01/11 ETA - Something I also discovered the clips at the side mean you can lift the top level of clear plastic off completely and clean out by simply tipping the bottom level out into a bin bag making cleaning not even a five minute job, being light its easy to lift down into a play pen to.

got mine for £35 NEW on Ebay so it is a good budget cage.



easy to clean and wipe down,
being plastic all the way round except the panel in the top of the metal bars it means even the most active rats wont kick their bedding out,
easy to see and photo rats as their is no bars in the way and the top half is clear plastic the bottom half pink or blue,
being either pink or blue you can keep girls in pink boys in blue and it looks sweet,
bars at top idea for hanging toys off and for ventilation,
the roof panel if slid a little way back and some clever toy positioning means rats can climb on top for a play with ease,
large floor space so plenty of room for their flying saucer and other toys.
Really cheap for a large cage (its large in my opinion I have two boys in mine, they used to be in a pets at home piece of trash and it is pathetic in comparison to this,)
If you have babies it would be really easy to chicken wire the bar panel as it A. lifts out completely and B is a nice neat rectangle so no odd corners or cage curves.
It is fairly light so is easy to put on chest of drawers, moved from room to room, placed in a play pen etc. (My small metal cage weights a bleeding ton so this is a vast improvement.)


being a meter by half a meter in a small room it can take up alot of room (my room is TINY),
there are no bars on the side so it means you only have the roof to hang things off and the hay bars at the end are pretty useless.
the attachment for the water bottle is flimsy and had to hang mine off the hay bars with some wire.
their are no built in levels and the height can be restrictive however I found some box tunnels, guinea pig wooden platforms and hammocks and such remedy this
some people have a snobbery against the Zoozone for some reason,
might get gnawed (one person claims their rat chewed through one in a week.( I have had mine for three months I have apple wood sticks, chews and dog biscuits in there all the time and they have done no harm to the cage at all! So I haven't had a issue with this)
Some say it breaks easily I have not had this problem.


All in all I love it so do the boys, they have plenty of free range time so if anyone thinks its to small they are out nearly all day and blimey I live in a room where space is a serious premium, I lost my job shortly after getting rats so the money I thought I would have to put to getting a Savic suddenly had to go on rent this was the best option and honestly I don't think its bad at all, some people will disagree and there will be haters for me having boys in this but heck doing the best I can, I am making my own toys and for christmas I am getting a hole puncher, some fleece and another Sputnik rat house, I think my boys are not lacking considering their mommy is now having financal issues and is living with her grandparents (still got to pay rent tho...ouch) anyway enough excuses about me not having a Jenny or a Savic suite this cage is darn good and for budget rat owners I don't know why you would want anything else.


Now for some piccies.....


Now for the video tour....
link to video

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