the fuzzbutt plammock

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the fuzzbutt plammock

Post by stormsmuggler » Mon Mar 16, 2009 12:58 pm

Another innovative and ingenius design from Rache and the fuzzdudes at fuzzbutts.
The Plammock has been designed for large cages such as the furet xl and measures a wopping 27 by 15 inches.
It is made from what feels like a heavy duty cotton and sherpa fleece and can be ordered in girlie and manly fabric.
Its, as the name suggests a cross between a hammock and a platform. On the upper fleece side there is a hidey pocket on the right and underneath on the left a hammock. Also underneath there are 4 additional D-rings on which you can hang other hammocks tubes etc. There are a total of 12 brass coloured eyelets all around it and it comes with substantial spring clips for hanging purposes. Also it has double edge stitching and cross stitching to help prevent burrowing
I had lots of fun deciding how to hang it in my explorer cage as there are so many options to choose from with the additional eyelets it can be hung so that only one side is taute(sp) and the other (left side) is looser forming a double layered hammock.
At £18.50, I thought it was a bit pricey but once I received it via Rache`s usual fast and efficiant service I beleive it to be worth every penny.
Here it is in my cage, complete with the boys favourite balloon basket hung underneath.
I think they approve

The plammock and service from Fuzzbutts gets :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: from me and the boys
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Re: the fuzzbutt plammock

Post by Feliss » Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:31 pm

When I upsized to the furet XL, I needed something to span the whole space. I looked no further than one of these :D

:smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat:

Fits well, lots of clips, sturdy, great use of the space. I also have this in camo. It has a hammock, a top hidey, and a place to hang something else, what more could you want?
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