Fuzzbutt cubes

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Fuzzbutt cubes

Post by Love-rat » Sun Aug 02, 2009 4:58 pm

I give it five rats: :dumbo: :smileyrat: :dumbo: :smileyrat: :dumbo:

The fuzzbutt snoozecube is made by fuzzbutt :wink: and can be bought from http://www.fuzzbutt.co.uk
It's a cube which hangs in the cage, it has a hole in the front, and an escape hole in the back corner - which stops rats from chewing one themselves! You can get it in a variety of colours and patterns, and it is nice and chunky so you don't feel like you've paid for sometng thin and flimsy. My boys love theirs, they snuggle up together inside, or one one lies on the roof while the other has all the comfort :roll: It's nice and soft inside, they look so comfy in it. It's definitely a favourite, and worth the money ( and this is coming from a student). It's easy to clean too, though the first time I washed mine I dyed a rogue sock pink :roll: My boys love it so much that I might be buying another one so that they can have one in while the other is in the wash :D Plus, it looks pretty funky too 8)

This picture shows how roomy it is, there are two rats in there:
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Fuzzbutts 'Porthole Cube'

Post by Rose's Mischief » Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:56 pm

Yet another amazing Fuzzbutts creation. :D I give it: :dumbo: :dumbo: :smileyrat: :dumbo: :dumbo:

This cube has a 'Porthole' side door as well as a large front entrance, to discourage any door-making by mischievous ratties (it works!!). The inner is warm, comfy sherpa fleece, and the seams are well stitched, so they're not easily got at and chewed.
It is extremely sturdy, but comfortably squishy - it has a double layer of fleece padding & extra floor padding. The webbing is very strong, and my ratties haven't even attempted to chew it yet!
Measures approx 9"l x 6.5"h x 6.5"d.
Can fit 4 squishies, plus there's room for an extra one on top - my lads love to sleep on top of this, as it gives them so much support. Demonstrated by Gareth:

'Porthole' side door, modelled by Barnaby and Fantoosh:

Large front entrance:

One of my ratties favourite accessories, and i love the fact that they're more interested in snoozing in it than nomming on it!
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Re: Fuzzbutts 'Porthole Cube'

Post by Angel Rats » Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:26 pm

This is one of my rats very,very favourite thing in there cage there is always someone in it or two or three :D it is beautifully made and wonderful fabrics also washes up great.
Fuzzbutts would be in my top five favourite company,s I love everything that I have bought from Fuzzbutts and also worth every penny.
My rats and I give Fuzzbutts :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :D
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Fuzzbutt 'BunkerCube'

Post by Feliss » Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:05 pm

:dumbo: :dumbo: :dumbo: / 5

I thought I'd try one of these. It's ok, does the job as an alternative sleepy hole, but it's not my crew's favourite.
- Emergency exit is tiny, certainly none of my lot can go through it. They've still chewed it hehe.
- It is very squishy. I like how easy it is to hang with those D-rings. They can sleep on top of the roof as well.

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