Multicoloured bendy wooden shelf/bridge/shelter

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Multicoloured bendy wooden shelf/bridge/shelter

Post by Rose's Mischief » Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:40 am

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I now have 3 of these shelves, and the reasons I would recommend them are:

*They're flexible, so you can be creative and make bridges/ramps/shelters for your rats - no two cage setups need be the same!
*Because they're bendy, you can change the size and shape to fit in to particular spaces you need to fill in the cage setup.
*They can be easily plastikoted, or alternatively just wiped and sprayed (I use Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe) daily, and washed once a week.
*Occasionally ratties like to gnaw on them, which is great for keeping their teeth in good condition!
*They're really stylishly coloured, and are a perfect addition to any cage setup - or you can plastikote them to a colour of your choice!

They are available on Ebay, and measure 15" by 6.5". If you ever check and can't find them, the seller will be on a short holiday, so check back later!
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