Cheap n Cheerful Hammocks

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Cheap n Cheerful Hammocks

Post by Poppyhal » Tue Nov 10, 2009 5:51 pm

I have just received my order from the Cheap ‘n’ Cheerful range from flukeangel. I’ve ordered two bunk beds, two corner hammock and two tunnels for less than £11 – what a barging :D I asked for girlie colours and they have been made with a wonderful fleece in lovely pink shades.

They are basic hammocks made with one layer of fleece and made to a high standard, with care taken over each one and sewn perfectly.

You couldn’t ask for more, especially for the price :lol:

Highly recommended: Rated :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat:

Check out her posts in the Market Place!
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Re: Cheap n Cheerful Hammocks

Post by Rose's Mischief » Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:20 pm

Rating: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :dumbo: :dumbo: :smileyrat:

I have a bunk bed, and two tunnels from Flukeangel, and the quality is very high. She offers a beautiful range of fleece designs, and at real bargain prices, and delivery is excellent too. :D

Gareth modelling his beloved tube (left). Hard wearing and very popular 'bunk-bed' (right).

Just search 'flukeangel' to find more pictures/threads on her products, and PM her to place an order.
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