Penn-Plax Extension Ladder

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Penn-Plax Extension Ladder

Post by Cowgirl in the Sand » Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:50 pm

A sturdy acrylic ladders extends up to 40" in length. Extend the ladder straight or bend it into nearly any shape. Made from tough, acrylic plastic with lightweight cement rungs that include crushed seashells. The screws can be tighten to keep the ladder in the shape that you want.

Safety locking clasps at one end allow the ladder to hang from cage wire. Acrylic hooks at the other end designed to fit over a bird's perch.

Manufacturer designed this for cockatiels & other medium birds. Approximately 6" wide with 7/8" diameter steps. Hooks over perches up to 7/8" diameter. Made in China.

Even though this is designed for birds my rats give it 5 stars!
It attached very easily with the metal clasps at one end but the other end that is designed to hook over a perch, I had to use shower curtain hooks because of the top wire runs cross wise. It would be fine if I hung the ladder crosswise in the cage instead of length wise.
This colorful ladder is sturdy & stable & provides fun & climbing exerciser for the rats who feel safe on it. They have not chewed on it.
This could be used out side the cage as an agility obstacle.

Manufacturer Info
Penn-Plax, Inc. Hauppauge, NY, manufactures supplies for small animals.
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