Consumables reviews - Guidelines

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Consumables reviews - Guidelines

Post by Fancy Rats Admin » Thu Dec 04, 2008 4:41 pm

Guidelines for posting

This forum will contain one thread per product. When submitting a new product, posts should include the manufacturer, name, a picture of the product, and a general description. Replies to threads are allowed but should be limited to informative reviews. This is a reference section only, not for discussions.

Please check before submitting a new topic, that there isn't already a suitable topic in place, remember not to hotlink any images, and that reviews should be factual.

To rate a product, please start your post with a line consisting of up to 5 rats as follows:
:smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: = excellent
:smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: = very good
:smileyrat: :smileyrat: :smileyrat: = good
:smileyrat: :smileyrat: = fair
:smileyrat: = poor

All posts made within this forum will require moderator approval before being added.


Autoprune is a feature that automatically deletes threads that have not been posted to within a certain amount of days.

Autoprune is switched off In this forum, so threads will not be autopruned.
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