'Bio Catolet Litter' as substrate

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'Bio Catolet Litter' as substrate

Post by Rose's Mischief » Sun Feb 01, 2009 11:24 am

Bio Catolet is one of the few completely paper based litters available, and the only one I can buy on a normal shopping trip (Sainsburys/Pets @ Home).


Comes in 12ltr/15ltr and 25 ltr as far as I'm aware, and buying bigger means better value for money.

Excellent product because:

Natural litter made from light cellulose granules that are soft and so kind on little feet.

Dust free

Twice as absorbant as mineral litters (so doesn't stick to coat)

Naturally insect repellent and prevents bacterial growth.

Reliably masks odours.

Environmentally friendly: manufactured without causing any pollution to the environment.

Pacakaging is also paper so that can be recycled, and the litter itself is compostable (thus the long trip all the way down our very long garden for my fiance every saturday, struggling to hold a massive plastic tray full of the stuff!).


Erm . . . (I love this stuff!), but one thing is that if you have scrappy ratties they can make a bit of noise in it at night, though I quite like hearing them (quieter with ample bedding material)

Ratty rating: :dumbo: :dumbo: :dumbo: :dumbo: :dumbo:

Can be ordered from Pets At Home, and other sites.
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Re: 'Bio Catolet Litter' as substrate

Post by Midnight Rose » Sun Feb 01, 2009 5:18 pm

For information: This is perfumed. It has a summer perfume and a winter perfume. As rats have delicate respiratory systems it is worth considering the posible effects of the perfumes.

http://biocatolet.co.uk/site/index.php? ... 1&Itemid=2

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Re: 'Bio Catolet Litter' as substrate

Post by acapae_wolf » Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:35 am

This litter is made up of more solid and hard-edge pieces than other similar paper cat litters. While this makes it dense and more likely to stay in the litter tray/ cage, it does also make them feel like they would be less pleasant to walk on. Some pieces also have a slightly shiny surface to them - I would imagine this makes them slightly less absorbant than otherwise.

Dust-wise this seems to vary on the batches. However because this litter is now heavily perfumed I would consider it completely unsuitable for rats and any other small rodent due to their delicate respiratory systems and the fact that they'd have to live on it. Thus irrespective of any other points :smileyrat:
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