Ok, hands up - who will admit they've got too many ??

For anything to do with rat care that doesn't fit into any of the sections above!

Who thinks maybe they have too many rats?

Ok I admit it!
No, I'm fine !
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Post by rattylicious » Mon Nov 14, 2005 1:43 pm

This made me think! I have 14 at the moment, and not a bad spread of ages. I have 3 cages and I do think that's my limit and I have promised my husband no more but... I am having a really hard time ignoring a plea for a home currently on the R&R section (although I'm not going to say which as I hope it will sort itself out and I won't actually do it!) as I think I could mix them in with existing ones. I.e no more cages so really, no more work at all.

My main problem has been 'fostering' :roll: ratties - which I can't do! I get them, foster them... and then fall in love with them and never give them away, even when offers of homes are made. However, I have learned to live with my affliction(!) and I'm just more careful about saying 'yes'. I just can't see them with nowhere to go though. So, I've got enough (too many for a 'normal' person!) but I still have plenty of room and love if needs be - so basically, I'm stuffed! (And I can't go into petshops either!)
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Post by BrokenFish » Mon Nov 14, 2005 7:00 pm

I find that for me I can avoid taking petshop rats home. I think of the diseases that I could be bringing home to my guys.

The time whe GMR hits bad for me is when I see a rat in a stiuation that is cruel or improper, alone, or in a small cage, or being fet rubbish, or no attention, or all of the above.

But GMR really hit me lately when a freind had her first litter(being mentored by a local established breeder) and they are all so sweet and beautiful and well socialized!!! I resisted though!

I have my limit!
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